Saturday, 9 February 2013

Dance Like No One's Watching


After being mostly absent without leave since October due to having an extension built on the house I thought I'd sneak in a quickie for this weeks one layer music challenge over on LIM. I've used a Pink Petticoat Lola Rose image which I've paper pieced with a combination of Pink Petticoat Lola Rose and freebie denim paper from Papercraft Inspirations.

Before I go I need to share a little story which appeals to my warped sense of humour. During the week I took a relative to hospital for some tests which involved getting a dye injection into their veins. After hospital we went for a nice lunch and then started to make our way home. As we left the restaurant the bus we were intending to catch passed us (a full 5 minutes early grrrr!) and with a further 30 minutes wait until the next one we jumped into a hostelry right behind the bus stop. My relative can't see very well and as we entered the ladies there was no light in the corridor. Once inside the toilet proper, out of about 8 cubicles, only one had a working bulb. As a result this cubicle was obviously overused and wasn't flushing properly. Anyway we answered the call of nature then went to the bar where I ordered 2 small glasses of wine and the following conversation took place:

Me: Are the management aware that there's only one working light bulb in the ladies?

Barman: Yes we're aware of it. We have to get the light bulbs from a specialist supplier, they're on order and we're expecting them any day now, sorry. (On the tip of my tongue: have you tried that specialist supplier B&Q mate?)

Me: Only I noticed a sign on the wall in there that if anyone is found taking drugs on the premises the police will be called. If I wanted to shoot up I would have trouble finding a vein it's so dark in there!

The barman had a good old chuckle as I am the least likely druggie you could imagine. Anyway the thing that amused me most about the story is the fact that the fluorescent dye injected into my relative makes your skin yellow and colours your urine. As the toilet she used wouldn't flush properly her yellow fluorescent wee is probably the only source of light remaining in the ladies of this classy establishment! Sorry for the toilet humour but I did warn you my sense of humour is a bit warped.

That's all for now folks - got to go as Scotland are playing Italy in the Six Nations soon - let's hope they don't match last weeks gubbing at the hands of England. Cover your ears now much screaming (come on Scotland) at the telly to follow!

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend.


  1. Lovely card and enjoying the wee humour too ..... mind you with incandescent bulbs being discontinued .... maybe B&Q no longer stock them!


  2. Hola Kimberley, the stories about public toilets are always scare stories jajajajaja.
    Gorgeous card, i like Lola Rose, fantastic sentiment.
    A hug from Palma

  3. Fabulous card, Kimberley! The image and colours you've used are lovely. Sue x

  4. Visiting from LIM - Love your card and your story is hilarious!! :0) Mo

  5. Great card, super story and we've missed you!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  6. this is fabulous.. love the colour

    Thanks for joining us this week
    Jen xx
    "Less Is More"

  7. Great card-love the idea of glow in the dark wee!

  8. Fabulous card, chuckle inducing story! Anita in France :)