Saturday, 30 April 2011

Go On....

.... you know you want to. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the cupboards after Easter here are a few more choccies for you and, wait for it, they are calorie free!

I'm entering it into the Less Is More challenge this week which is thank you or congratulations. The sentiment is computer generated, the DP is from Pink Petticoat and the foam choccie shapes have been decorated using fabric paint, liquid pearls and some teensy beads - which one is your favourite?

I hope you are all having a lovely extended weekend - thanks William and Kate - the sun is shining brightly here however the wind would blow your bloomers off. Whatever you are doing have a great weekend.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Wheels On The Bus....

.... go round and round. You may have sung this horrific little ditty to your beautiful baby at some time however here starts the campaign to have it banned. Earlier this week I had the pleasure of using a bus to get to work. Off I set in good time and jumped on the bus uttering the words 'the Porsche garage please' to indicate where I would like to alight from the said bus. The driver, or monosyllabic balding moron as I like to call him, picked up his price sheet and after much studying (how very dare I not know how much the fare was to my destination) he mumbled £1.80. Eye contact? No. Intelligible communication? No. Please? No. Thank you? Don't be ridiculous. Anyway, ticket in hand I found a seat. The bus took a different route from the one I expected but I wasn't worried as I'd been very clear when I purchased the ticket as to where I wanted to get off. Now you know what's coming next - the bus was going nowhere near the Porsche garage - so I got off and started hoofing it finally arriving at work 15 minutes late. If I'd walked from my home to work it would have taken me 35 minutes - taking the bus it took me 55 minutes and cost £1.80 to boot. Call me old fashioned but was it too difficult for the little pipsqueak to just say 'sorry we don't stop at the Porsche garage' or words to that effect. I swear to god the guy needs to be sacked or at least given electric shock treatment and intensive customer service training.

Anyway, I'm a bit calmer now (believe me this is calm). So we won't be singing The Wheels On The Bus to this beautiful baby will we?

The image is from Squigglefly, which I've paper pieced, and the sentiment is computer generated. I'm entering it into the Less Is More Challenge which is 'Off Centre'.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, 2 April 2011


.... not exactly a Guinness but I love it all the same. Probably even more so because I thought I'd lost all my files last weekend including my Pink Petticoats of which there are many.

So my lovely little handbag is for the Less Is More Challenge (did I tell you how much I love this challenge?) the theme of which is a touch of red. The image is from Pink Petticoat Lola's Boudoir which has been printed directly onto the card and a little red glitter glue added.

I want this bag for real - I love coloured shoes and bags probably because I wear so much black. Either I'm a goth or maybe it's more to do with hiding those extra lumps and bumps that have attached themselves to me somehow. Anyhoo the result is that I need colourful accessories so as not to be mistaken for a Morticia lookielikey.

Need to go now I'm thinking of going to the pictures tonight if there is anything decent on - feel free to make recommendations. Whatever you are up to enjoy your weekend.

Thanks for looking!